Exclusive Formulation

Exclusive formulation

Producing and formulation according to customer request.

Having an experienced staff and an active research and development department, PLT has the ability to make any type of change in the formula to produce new products according to the customer’s request.

Dispatching Experts

Dispatch experts due to customer’s demand.

The company is ready to dispatch an expert in case of any problems and apply any changes and guides necessary for the suitability of the product with the customer’s production line.

Sending samples

Sending product samples for trial production.

The company is ready to send samples before making a final purchase so that customers can test their system with the product and confirm the results after receiving the sample.

Custom packaging

Product packaging according to customer needs.

The manufactured goods are typically packaged and labeled in 200 kg barrels. However, under certain circumstances, consumers can opt for custom packaging for the products.