Our water-based sealing compounds are the perfect choice for a wide range of cans used in the food, non-food, beverage, beer in metal packaging industry with a multitude of advantages for both can makers and society.

Environmental Benefits:

By offering water-based sealants, we are proud to play our part in reducing environmental impact. One of the most significant advantages lies in the elimination of VOC emissions. Our sealant compounds are VOC-free.

Technical Advantages:

Experience the unparalleled stability of our sealants. Their consistent performance ensures reliability in the packaging process, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, our sealant compounds minimize build-up on lining equipment, reducing downtime for maintenance and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The flexibility and exceptional adhesion properties of our sealants offer unparalleled resistance against mechanical stress in the seams. This results in cans with superior durability and leak resistance, preserving the integrity of the packaged products.

Furthermore, the homogeneous structure of our sealants ensures remarkable chemical resistance during sterilization and pasteurization processes. Whether it’s for food or industrial applications, our sealant compounds stand strong against various chemical solvents.

At Precision Lacquer Technology, we take pride in offering sealing solutions that not only perform exceptionally but also contribute positively to the environment and society. Our sealant compounds embody our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in packaging.

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